novembre-decembre 2004

Some fresh air

The conclusion of our work concerning the AC of the fortress underground allows us to remove the water condensation, preserving materials, like electrical motors, from deterioration.

October 2004

Sospel remember its "libération"

The last week of October, Sospel celebrates the 60th anniversary of its "liberation". The GTA opened the mount Agaisen to the public. We reveice around 600 visitors during the week end. A great achievement.

Work at the turret

The heavy work started at the turret, removing parts, cleaning them, painting, reassemble the pieces.. A great job in perspective.

September 2004

The Mercantour Raid

This september the GTA welcomed the raiders of the "Raid Mercantour" at mount Agaisen. A navigation point was installed inside the fortress and a supply zone at the outside, just behind the entrance.

August 2004

Summer time visits

This season ended with the visit of a Swiss group of fortification specialists.

Work continue!

In addition to the normal maintenance, we identified and fixed some trouble around the high pressure air circuit of the power generators..

A new movie is available

July 2004

Summer time visits

Our fabulous guie, René is proud to exhibit the functionning turret.

The visitors have been charmed by him.

Negative point: they will remember only the guide

Positive point: we will see them back next year, for the work itself this time...

June 2004

The sessions of the month of June were rich in events. After months of work and the repairing of a refractory smooth landing, the turret is again operational. These results fill satisfaction the workers of the GTA.

Of the friends in visit!

It is with big pleasure that "Groupe Technique Agaisen" has welcomed the members of "Jeep Mediterranean" June 12, 2004.

A big opportunity for our friends amateur of vehicles to discover or re to discover the site of the "ouvrage".

May 2004
About works, the restoration of the turret advances. The patient disassembly of the axes of manoeuvre allowed us to localize and to repair a cold landing that blocked the moving turret in position down The next stage: the rehabilitation of the electric organs of manoeuvre.

One day of exchanges:

It is with joy that we have welcomed last May 24 the pupils of the technical school Don Bosco of Nice, accompanied by their professors.

first steps toward a technical collaboration that promises to be fruitful

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