Fall 2005 Activities

Working on turret sub-level

Following our technical roadmap, after reconditionning the "eclipse" motor, we swith our effort on the diffenrent mechanics.


After unblocking the "eclipse" mechanism, main work to perform on the sub-level is to remove old paint, grease properly and put new paint. Usage of modern elements let us hope that this work will last more than 20 years.

First large scale work done for the past 20 years.

Summer 2005 The visites (part 2)

Last visits of 2005

Last visit had also been the last day of work on the motor reconditionning.

Thanks to our experts , Jacques et René, the visits are always a success, the survey we perform shows that the visitors enjoy guided tours in the fortress.

Summer 2005 the activities

Work of summer 2005 .

The "eclipse" motor is now fully reconditionned, next steps is the complete test and restauration of connecting systems.

Season 2005 Visits

The end of the seasonnal visits.

The last day of visit was the occasion for our guests to see how we work for the "ouvrage". They assist to the remounting of the "eclipse motor", a good exemple of what we are performing during our meetings.

Thanks to Jacques and René, our summer visits were a complete success. Many visitors still discuting with the guide even after the visit end (see left photo). A great achievement for us. Results of the poll performed at the end of each visit day will be soon available.

Season 2005 The work

The work of summer 2005.

The work on "Eclipse" motor is at the end. Motor is ready for installation. Next step is the reconditinning of all the auxilliary circuits.

Season 2005

Summer visits, 2005.

Summer is visit time. However our work is not stopped.The "eclipse" moteur is under reconditionning.

a map of Sospel and Mount Agaisen acces is available for download

Winter 2004-2005

Fortress under snow but not felt asleep.

As usual this winter had been the opportunity for us to perform the maintenance and preparing the summer heavy work. The left hand side picture illustrate our routine work at mount Agaisen i.e. maintening the main engines in working conditions, as was done before the war.

Summer visits dates now availables

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