Block number 2

Southern Flanking

The superior floor is occupied by the two mortars of 75 mm model 1931 and the casemate of infantry.

This material is typical of the fortresses alpine of the “Maginot” line. It is a piece particularly well adapted to its mission.

The infantry part of the casemate is endowed with a gap twinning machine gun for the flanking of the resistance position, of a cloche for another twinning in frontal action toward the opening of the Bevera and the line of advanced observation positions as well as a GFM “cloche” of infantry dedicated to the observation to the profit of the twinning.
On the lower floor the two mortars of 81 are, the systems of recuperation of the shell casings of the mortars of 75 as well as the battery of filters of system “poisoned air”. The floors are supplied by a lift “Roux et Combaluziers”of 1,5 tons, assuring restocking in munitions of the pieces.
The part infantry of the superior floor is besides, equipped with two stations optics and a local radio, one permitting a link toward the entry of the “ouvrage” of Saint Roch and the other toward the summit of the Braus where was an observatory of country and the collar of the same name where was the PC of the sub sector.
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