The factory is nearby the entry to improve the efficiency of the pipeline of exhaust and ventilation. It consists :
- 3 generators, each powered by a engine SMIM diesel of 150 hp dragging by direct mating a SW alternator of 100 kVA triphase with excitatrice at the bottom of a shaft.

- the tank to fuel whose capacity is calculated on a basis of 720 hours of working, what allows an autonomy of two three months.

- the tank to water constituted of tubs of 28 cubic meters and containing the water necessary to the cooling of the motors.

- the tank to lubricant, two tubs of 10 cubic meters.

- the auxiliary group assuring the drive of a generator providing the emergency lighting of the power station and a compressor permitting the refill of the bottles of launching of the main groups.

- the group converter providing the continuous power for the turret

This motors Diesel is started to the compressed air. In the first instants of the launching of the motor, it functions like a compressed-air motor on the last three cylinders. Then, at the time of the interlock, the motor continues then on its impetus during some instants fuel arrives to the injectors. the motor starts and reaches its speed in some instants.


CLM Movie
CLM & SMIM Movie
To fill the bottles of air has a small group CLM auxilliare. It is a motor Diesel two times using a relatively old technology but very interesting. The motor only has only one cylinder in which moves two piston in opposition. This motor is coupled to a generating and a compressor.

To quoted of this CLM auxilliaire is the group converter continuous current alternating current to feed the machinery of the turret
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