Block number 1

The entry of the work is situated back of the blocks of fights and against mountain slope. It is composed of different elements:

  • the entry of the men, for the staff, it is the small door by which one reaches via a narrow footbridge.
  • the entry of the munitions, that gives directly in the main gallery and by which passed in transit the munitions and the various supplies. One reaches there by a drawbridge.
  • the weapons of defence brought closer, 2 FM gaps, a GFM “cloche” and a LG “cloche”.
  • the air intake.
  • a local radio.
In the gallery of the entry of the men the air intake of the “aérorefroidisseur” of the power plant is. In the gallery of the entry of the munitions is the air intake of the neutralization room.

A survey has been led pre-war to endow one of the FM gaps of the entry of an anti tank 25 mm gun . If the survey didn't succeed, the lodging for the rail of support of the material of 25 is always there.



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