winter 2006-2007

Turret works

Since the turret works on its motors, we have now to enhance its reliability. We start the reconditionning of the hydraulic "éclipse" brake.


Maintenance on engine number 3

To follow our policy of "reliability by operation" we replace a malfunctioning cooling water pump on third engine. The malfunction was preventing us to systematically run the engine.



Mounting the spare pump

The operation enligth the defect inherited from the german destruction of 1944. The water cooling pump are not the same for the 3 engine. However, we can mount the spare pump on third engine.


Autumn work

Ventilation extension

Given the good results achieved with the ventilators during last summer, we decide to add a new blower to the system.


Turret under test

Functionnal testing of the turret

Following the conservation works on the "éclipse-batterie" motor and power supply, we perform functionnal testing of the turret. These tests allows preparing the future work on the turret

Link to the complete movie of the tests .

Turret work in progress

The panel mounting

This mounting is a great step on the road of the restoration. This allows securing the turrret power supply (norias, lateral aiming and éclipse-batterie). The panel enclosure had been euiped with a special device in order to avoid any condensation inside and therefore ensuring the lasting of our conservation works.



The main control panel reconstruction

After many hours of work, during the meeting and outside the meeting, the main control panel of the turret is now reconditionned. Each component had been accurately unmounted, cleanned and then refitted. The panel had then been mounted in its original place, in the block number 3.


2006 Visits

Summer time visits

Many visitors came this summer to attend the 90 minutes show of our guide, René. The end visit poll shows that the Mount Agaisen Fortress is more and more considered as a good complement of the "all public" forts that are Saint-Roch and Barbonnet at Sospel, but also the Sainte Agnès.


Work session 2006 launched

Summertime work launched

The turret is our main focus, however maintenance operation of the original lighting network are a necessity. This time, we have to recondition all the substructure of the southern flanking block.



The next steps for the turret

Following our workplan, we focus our efforts on the conservation of the main power panel. After panel removal and unmouting of elements all parts will be reconditionned.


Springtime 2006 specialst visit the fortress

The fortress visited by specialists.

The associations "Forty Four Memories" and "MVCG" visit the Agaisen and the Barbonnet during the first of May week end.


Springtime 2006 The "tourelle en batterie! "

A great achievement.

A new step is completed. The "moteur d'éclipse" was successfully tested. The tourelle is newly electrically powered. It was a great satisfaction for all GTA members to witness these movments. The last ones were made ten years ago.

In parallel to these important conservation activities, we continue to perform day to day maintenance.

Winter 2005-2006 The restoration activities

An accurate preparation.

Part of the team load the wagons with the material while the other part of the team prepare the generator to supply current for the freigth elevator.
The convoy enters the inner part of the fortress toward the turret.



The motor reach is destination.

After many sessions, a major step has been achieved, the completely reconditionned "eclipse" motor reaches its original location. Next step is the connection to the electrical power supply network.

Winter 2005-2006 ongoing work

The CLM engine controlled and repaired.

It was several month that the eauxiliary engine was unavailable due to a mechanical problem. After a serious session of work, this issue was resolved. The engine, its generator and compressor are newly available.


A problematic regulation device.

The CLM two stoke engine is a very reliable system, however a fuel pump seizing force us to perform a complete revision, which includes replacing some bearings and other small parts.



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