The group technical Agaisen of association Edelweiss meets one day (Saturday or Sunday according to the availability of the volunteers) every month to do the works of restoration of the “ouvrage”. The members are all voluntary and come for most Nice its near region.

Our objective: to re empowered the “ouvrage” of the Agaisen, and as much that possible to maintain in working all interior facilities.

Since 1992, these are several thousands of working hours accumulated every year. Of the more complex to the simplest, of the discount in painting of the passageways to the restoration of the turret. Every session contributes to increase our knowledge of the work and to protect its infrastructures of the attack of the time.

Works don't limit themselves to the restoration and the maintenance of the “ouvrage” of the Agaisen. It often arrives that the GTA is solicited by its association-mother Edelweiss to lend strong hand to equips them of the fortress of the Barbonnet.

We have often been put to contribution to recover some material lend by different museums partners of Edelweiss or simply offered by
individual. Among these actions, the most prominent are the salvage of a removable turret for machine gun, abandoned since 1940, on an individual's property. The one here as having made of which to edelweiss, we transported this turret, that today welcomes the visitors in the height of the Barbonnet.

On this photo, our friend, Jacques takes care of an anti-tank gun that today delights the visitors of the fortress of Barbonnet.

The maintenance and the restoration of the “ouvrage” requires a lot of time and of efforts. A big part of the working hours is dedicated to sessions maintenance current of facilities (working of the generating set of the power station, verification of the ventilation circuits,
maintenance of the turret). in addition to these hours to the work, we don't count the hours of preparation anymore... and of formation.

For example, it has was necessary to many years to rebuild the CLM engine of the power station, and to few meadows as much to learn the handling of the electric facilities of the power station.

The objective big other of works is the repairing of the circuits of lighting of the work. Progressively, all the old and deficient cables are replaced. Today about 80% of this work has been finished.

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